Why Is Accreditation Important?

Accreditation testifies that there is a body of knowledge known as statistics acquired through formal education, work experience, and ongoing professional development activities. Accreditation provides a measure of assurance to employers, contractors, and collaborators of statisticians and a mark of accomplishment to society at large.

As a statistician in the management consulting industry, the PStat® accreditation represents a demonstrated level of educational and professional experience that is highly valued by both my colleagues and clients. Additionally, obtaining the PStat® designation signifies a commitment to professional ethics and continuing education that is critical to moving our business and the analytics industry forward in successful directions.

Eric Syphard, PStat®

GStat allowed me to start the accreditation process early. It’s a great way for students and early-career statisticians to demonstrate their dedication to the statistics community.

Forrest Williamson, GStat
Eli Lilly and Company

Both accreditations acknowledge the acquisition of substantial statistical knowledge via the completion of an advanced degree. GStat is an entry level of accreditation, preparatory for full PStat® accreditation.

Other Benefits

  • Online Recognition through the ASA Website: All PStat® and GStat designees are listed on the ASA website, with the option to include a link to your professional website, enhancing your professional visibility.
  • ASA Community Designation: PStat® and GStat designees profiles will be denoted with a special digital ribbon in the ASA Community.
  • Valuable Discounts: Designees receive a 20% discount for continuing education courses at ASA conferences, including the Joint Statistical Meetings, Conference on Statistical Practice, and Women in Statistics and Data Science.
  • Special Recognition: PStat® and GStat designees enjoy a special ribbon designation at all JSM, CSP, and WSDS meetings, as well as a special reception at JSM to facilitate valuable new connections.

Application Components
  PStat® GStat
Contact information
Personal Statement
Current résumé or CV
List of degrees earned and relevant additional coursework
List of relevant work experiences (min. 5 years)
Evidence of work as a statistician
Examples of ongoing professional development activities
Contact information for two referees
Application fee ($120)

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