ASA Staff

Office of the Executive Director

Ronald Wasserstein, Executive Director (bio) 


Adriano Sarmiento, Accounting Manager
Rochelle Edwards, Accounts Payable Specialist
Joyce Narine, Advertising Manager and Accountant


Joyce Narine, Advertising Manager and Accountant

Awards, Committees, and Elections

Elizabeth Henry, Director of Awards, Committees, and Elections

Chapters and Sections

Rick Peterson, Professional Development and Chapters & Sections Manager


Megan Murphy, Communications Manager
Meg Ruyle, Graphic Designer / Production Coordinator
Olivia Brown, Graphic Designer / Production Coordinator

Customer Service Center

Amanda Taylor, Director of Customer Systems
Clarissa Davis, Customer Services Manager
Jojuana Wilkins, Customer Service Representative


Amanda Malloy, Director of Development

Human Resources

Lynn Aikens, Human Resources Coordinator

Information Systems

Tim Gill, Director of Information Technologies
Ryan Bell, Web Designer / Developer
Carrie Hoskins, Information Systems Specialist


Amy Farris, Director of Membership Development and Marketing
Kim Gilliam, Marketing Project Manager


Kathleen Wert, Director of Meetings
Naomi Friedman, Meetings Planner
Christina Link, Meetings Planner
Kristin Mohebbi, Meetings Planner


Stephen Porzio, Associate Executive Director & Director of Operations


Valerie Nirala, Editor and Content Strategist
Eric Sampson, Journals and Publications Manager

Science Policy

Stephen Pierson, Director of Science Policy

Strategic Initiatives

Donna LaLonde, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
Rebecca Nichols, K–16 Education Coordinator