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The 2016 Educational Ambassador from Nigeria reports on how her knowledge gained at JSM is helping advance her country.

On a mission to help elevate her country though statistics, Educational Ambassador Adedayo Adepoju traveled from Nigeria to Chicago to attend continuing education courses at JSM 2016.


Educational Ambassador Adedayo Adepoju

Adedayo left JSM with a fervent desire to share the skills and knowledge she acquired with her students and colleagues in Nigeria.



Adedayo returned to the University of Ibadan in Nigeria to teach a master’s class titled “Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests Using R.” Her original plan was to deliver the class to 20 students, but she quickly ran into a problem: All of the 95 students admitted to the program wanted to participate!

Adedayo’s class was her students’ first opportunity to learn these new topics.

To accommodate everyone, she taught two classes instead of one and repeated the class the following semester.

The results speak for themselves:





Since 2005, educational ambassadors like Adedayo have reached equally eager students in countries such as Argentina, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Botswana, fostering international collaboration and enhancing statistics education around the world.

Thanks to generous donations from ASA members, two educational ambassadors will participate in JSM 2018. Seksan Kiatsupaibul from Thailand and Saleha Habibullah from Pakistan will attend the meetings in Vancouver.

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