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‘Statistics Is for Everyone’

The demand for statistical skills is ever increasing for nearly any field you can think of. From A to Z—accounting to zoology—the list of college majors requiring statistics shows statistics is for everyone. We are working hard to get this message to students as they navigate their college career path.

Donations from ASA members help spread this message—and provide resources for students, parents, and teachers. Thank you!

During Math and Statistics Awareness month in April, we highlighted several ASA members who are following their passions, and—through our ThisIsStatistics campaign—we’ve produced an amazing video to show the next generation that studying statistics enables them to pursue their passions and make contributions to their communities.


Our profession needs these talented young folks, and shareable media like this is just one example of the many ways we’re increasing our outreach efforts.

As Hillary Parker says in the video, “The more we can unleash statisticians onto different problems, the more we can make a difference.”

Your donations are getting this message to high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students and helping them make informed decisions about their future.

Thank you again for your generosity and for being part of the ASA community!