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The Analytics Train Has Already Left the Station!

With all the data around these days, and abundant software tools, data analysis is open to people who may not have all the necessary statistical background. There is a sense among some that the statistics profession has been left behind. But in his address at JSM, ASA President Barry Nussbaum said this is the best of times for statistics. He encouraged us to be active, collaborate, get to the table early, and learn new skills to ensure a bright future for the statistics profession.

Below is a clip from Barry’s address in which he talks about what we—as statisticians—should and shouldn’t do. Watch the full address online.


The future of the profession depends on us all. By getting involved in the ASA, members like you ensure a bright future for statistics. Here are some of the ways ASA members make a big difference:

Getting involved

Staying informed

  • By subscribing to the ASA Science Policy Blog to keep up on the current issues facing our country and profession.
  • By staying connected to peers and weighing in on topics in the ASA Community.
  • By broadening your knowledge, skills, and personal qualities such as effective communication through professional development.


Help us do more! Your contributions help ensure a bright future for statistics by improving statistics education for K–12 students, exposing more students to statistics, and getting them excited about statistics career possibilities. You also help ensure statisticians are included in policy decisions and proper analysis is done on critical studies. And you help the public understand and ask the right questions about information being given to them on a daily basis.

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However you choose to contribute, whether through a financial contribution or time contribution, you are important to the ASA and to the future of statistics.

Thank you for all you do!