GAISE II: A Guideline for Precollege Statistics
and Data Science Education

The Pre-K–12 Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education II (GAISE II): A Framework for Statistics and Data Science Education is now available for free download . It can also be purchased via Amazon for $15.

The GAISE II report presents a framework for statistics and data science literacy at the elementary-, middle-, and high-school levels and addresses the evolution of data types and skills needed to make sense of the wealth of data that confronts us. Updates include the following:

  1. The importance of questioning through each stage of the statistical problem-solving process (formulating a statistical investigative question, collecting or considering data, analyzing data, and interpreting results) and how this process remains at the forefront of statistical thinking
  2. The consideration of different data and variable types and the importance of carefully designing how primary data is collected or secondary data is considered to answer a statistical investigative question, the process of collecting and cleaning data, the interrogation of data, and the analysis of data
  3. The inclusion of multivariate thinking throughout all levels of K–12 education
  4. The role of probabilistic thinking in quantifying randomness used by students throughout all school levels
  5. The shifts and deepening of the role of technology throughout pre-K–12 education
  6. The importance of how now, more than ever, statistical information is communicated

For more information about GAISE II, see the Harvard Data Science Review article.