Statistics Teacher: From Newsletter to Online Journal

Statistics Teacher is an online journal published by the American Statistical Association–National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability for Grades K–12.

Until recently, Statistics Teacher was the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter (commonly referred to as simply STN), which appeared in September 1982 with Ann Watkins as editor. These issues are available in the articles archive.

In 2016, the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee decided the Statistics Teacher Network newsletter should evolve to the Statistics Teacher —a free online journal. Each issue continues to provide reviews of books, software, and calculators and keep K–12 teachers informed about statistical workshops and programs. Contributors come from all levels of statistical expertise, and the editor handles collecting and reviewing all the information for each issue.

Statistics Teacher is published in the fall, winter, and spring. Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editorial team with ideas for articles. Questions can be emailed to