Election Auditing Resources

If you are an ASA member interested in working on election issues, contact the ASA’s director of science policy.

Election Auditing-General

ASA Actions and News

JSM 2012 Presentations


  • Letter (PDF download) urging the National Institute of Standards and Technology and participants at its Workshop on a Common Data Format for Electronic Voting System to facilitate effective vote tabulation audits in Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, from participants of October 2009 Election Audit Working Meeting
  • Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits, principles 5–7 of which the ASA endorsed
  • Post-Election Audits: Restoring Trust in Elections (PDF download), a Brennan Center for Justice report by Lawrence Norden, Aaron Burstein, Joseph Hall, and Margaret Chen

Other Resources

Articles About Auditing and Election-Related Topics

Election Auditing-Methods

Variable Sample-Size Audits

Fixed-Percentage Audits


Report and Analysis of the 2006 Post-Election Audit of Minnesota’s Voting Systems (PDF download), by Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota