Founders Award

Most Recent Winners

Daniel Kasprzyk

Daniel Kasprzyk

NORC at the University of Chicago

For an active career supporting innovations in survey methodology, having designed and directed many large-scale surveys in diverse areas, both domestically and internationally; for two decades of enthusiastic participation in ASA activities, including serving as president of the Washington Statistical Society and vice president of the ASA Board of Directors; and for exemplary contributions to many ASA committees, sections, and councils, including outstanding leadership as chair of ASA’s Committee on Statistics and Disability, Council of Chapters Governing Board, and Survey Research Methods Section.

Alicia Carriquiry

Alicia Carriquiry

Iowa State University

For leadership of the profession at the national level through the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine; National Institutes of Health; and Environmental Protection Agency; for service to many other statistical organizations; for two decades of enthusiastic participation in ASA activities, including serving as president of the Iowa Chapter and vice president of the ASA Board of Directors; and for serving as an officer of the Biometrics Section, as chair of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science, as chair of the 1999 JSM Program Committee, and as chair of the JSM Task Force.

Marie Davidian

Marie Davidian

North Carolina State University

For expansion of the ASA’s global reach and strengthening the relationships between statistics and other sciences as ASA president during the International Year of Statistics; for leadership of the profession as chair of the Biometrics Section, Committee on Nominations, Founders Award Committee, and Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Medal Committee; and for thoughtful service as a member of the Awards Council, executive editor of Biometrics, co-editor of Wiley StatsRef, and as a member of the editorial boards of JASA, Statistica Sinica, and Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems.

About the Award

The Founders Award recognizes members who have rendered distinguished service to the association. Typically, no more than two awards are granted annually, and the award does not have to be granted every year; however, when warranted, up to five awards may be given each year.

Award recipients are presented with a certificate and engraved crystal bowl. 

Selection Criteria

The individual(s) selected will have served the association for an extended time, usually in a variety of leadership roles wherein effective service or leadership was provided within the ASA or through ASA outreach to other organizations. The individual's contributions will have had significant impact on the association beyond the time of her/his incumbency.

The Founders Award Committee depends on the American Statistical Association membership to submit nominations. The award may not be given to a sitting member of the Founders Award Committee or a sitting member of the ASA Board of Directors.

Award Recipient Responsibilities

The award recipient(s) will be responsible for providing a current photograph for the following year's awards book. Because the element of surprise is our aim in presenting this award, the previous year's recipients are presented for publication each year.


Nominations are due by March 15. The award is presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in August the same year. Nomination letters should contain a list of people who can be contacted to verify the candidate’s credentials and provide additional information. Email nominations to or send via mail to 732 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314.


Please contact the committee chair.

Recent Award Recipients

2017: Wendy Martinez
2017: Jane Pendergast
2017: Nick Horton
2017: John Eltinge
2016: John Czajka
2016: Rod Little
2016: Jim Rosenberger
2016: Maura Stokes
2015: Jim Albert
2015: David Banks
2015: Sally Morton
2014: James Cochran
2014: Christine Franklin
2014: Sastry Pantula
2013: Mary Ellen Bock
2013: Xiao-Li Meng
2013: Jeri Mulrow

Past Recipients
2012: Mary Batcher
2012: Christy Chuang-Stein
2012: Lynne Stokes
2011: Wayne Fuller
2011: Nat Schenker
2011: Bill Smith
2011: Robert Starbuck
2010: Janet Buckingham
2010: Dan Solomon
2010: George Williams
2009: June Morita
2009: Bob Rodriguez
2009: W. Robert Stephenson
2009: Jessica Utts
2009: Stephen Fienberg
2008: Linda Young
2008: David Scott
2007: Katherine Wallman
2007: George Cobb
2007: Gary McDonald
2006: Wendy L. Alvey
2006: John E. Boyer, Jr.
2006: E. Jacquelin Dietz
2006: Robert L. Santos
2006: Joe H. Ward
2005: Linda H. Gage
2005: Joan B. Garfield
2005: Albert Madansky
2004: Roger Hoerl
2004: Dallas E. Johnson
2004: William R. Schucany
2004: Ray A. Waller
2003: Roxy L. Peck
2003: James H. Matis
2003: Lynne Billard
2002: Sallie Keller-McNulty
2002: W. Michael O'Fallon
2002: Edward J. Wegman
2001: Jon R. Kettenring
2001: David S. Moore
2000: Nancy J. Kirkendall
1999: Richard F. Gunst
1999: Jerry L. Moreno
1999: Gladys H. Reynolds
1998: David R. Morganstein
1998: Janet L. Norwood
1998: Jerome Sacks
1998: Fritz J. Scheuren
1997: Barbara A. Bailar
1997: Judith M. Tanur
1997: Lorraine Denby
1996: Susan Ellenberg
1996: Ramanathan Gnanadesikan
1996: Donald Guthrie
1996: Michael H. Kutner
1995: Mary A. Foulkes
1995: Charles H. Goldsmith
1995: J. Stuart Hunter
1995: Donald W. Marquardt,
1994: Vickie S. Hertzberg
1994: David C. Hoaglin
1994: James M. Landwehr
1993: Rich D. Allen
1993: Samuel W. Greenhouse
1993: Daniel G. Horvitz
1993: I. Richard Savage
1993: Bruce E. Trumbo
1992: Richard L. Anderson
1992: Ralph A. Bradley
1992: William H. Kruskal
1992: Robert L. Mason
1992: John D. McKenzie
1992: Fredrick A. Mosteller
1991: Robert V. Hogg
1991: Ronald L. Iman
1991: Paul D. Minton
1991: Ingram Olkin
1991: Joan R. Rosenblatt
1990: Morris H. Hansen
1990: John Neter
1990: Richard L. Scheaffer
1989: Fred C. Leone
1989: Margaret E. Martin