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    The Committee is charged with gathering and disseminating data on matters of concern to the mathematical sciences community. Such data has in the past included the gathering and interpretation of data on the employment of mathematicians, the annual production of Ph.D.'s in the mathematical sciences and the tracking of starting salaries, faculty salaries, and graduate programs. In addition, as charged by the 11/88 ECBT, the Committee should also study the continuing and long-range data gathering needs of the mathematical community and make recommendations concerning the establishment of an ongoing data collection effort that will insure reliable, timely, and usable data on the profession.

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The AMS-ASA-MAA-SIAM Data Committee has 1 member(s), and 0 liaison(s).

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Golbeck, Amanda L.
UAMS - College of PUblic Health
4301 West Markham
Slot 820
Little Rock, AR   72205
United States
Phone: (406) 243-4446
ASA Rep to Other Organization (2013 - 2019)
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