Internship Opportunities Listing Form for Organizations

For a number of years, the ASA has published a list of internship opportunities in Amstat News for students. This service arose from discussions among the ASA staff and industry and academic representatives. Each year, the internship listings will be published in the December edition of Amstat News and also on the ASA website in December. The deadline for submitting internship opportunities for the December Amstat News is October 20 each year; however, later submissions will still be posted online.

Internships are a win-win for everybody involved. The student gets to work with practicing statisticians who are proficient in their fields and to learn what it is like to work in an industrial, laboratory, or office setting. The organization providing the internship benefits from the student’s fresh ideas and academic and other training, contributes to the professional development of the student, and receives the opportunity to evaluate the student’s potential for future employment. We offer this complimentary service for the organizations that offer statistics-related internships for students and to assist statistics students in finding internship opportunities.

If your organization would like to list an internship opportunity on our website, please complete the form. Interested students will send a letter of enquiry and résumé directly to the contact and location you list on the form.

Contact Donna LaLonde at (703) 684-1221, with questions.

Internship Opportunities Listing Form