Tips and Tricks

Know Your Audience

  • Talk with the teacher about how class is organized. Learn what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.
  • If the class has a website, this is another source of information.
  • Consider a virtual meeting (e.g., Google Hangout or Skype) to connect with students and get their input for your presentation.
  • Email your presentation to the teacher and set up a call (e.g., Google Hangout or Skype) to review it.

Organize Your Presentation

  • Tell how or why you became interested in statistics.
  • Describe the statistics work you do or your company/team does.
  • Show the impact of your coolest project.
  • Talk about the demand and salaries for statisticians in your company and/or nationally.
  • Describe your educational background to help the students understand what education is needed to become a statistician.
  • Engage the students actually doing statistics.
  • Talk to recent graduates, who you know, and share their stories.
    • Did they wish they had started earlier?
    • Taken more courses?
    • What would they do differently?

Use These Presentation Resources

Follow Up After Your Presentation

  • Coordinate with the school guidance counselors and math department heads to arrange follow-up visits with other classes and parent groups.
  • Reach out to state departments of education and regional educational agencies to share resources (e.g., videos).
  • Work with undergraduate math and statistics programs to identify students willing to go to local high schools to talk about how they decided on statistics as a career. Also find students in other fields who use statistics and ask them to speak to students.
  • Encourage your colleagues to make follow-up visits or to join you.
  • Share ASA Education Resources with the teacher.
  • Share your success with us!