Caucus of Academic Representatives

The purpose of this caucus is to promote the statistics discipline within the academic community and provide resources for academic statisticians to successfully advocate for the discipline. In particular, the caucus will do the following:

  • Provide assistance to academic departments offering degrees in statistics or biostatistics
  • Provide a venue for discussion of issues affecting departments and programs in statistics and biostatistics
  • Facilitate interaction between faculty at different institutions, especially between those at research departments and undergraduate institutions
  • Identify and collect data that are helpful for heads/chairs in dealing with their administrations and function as a repository for such data
  • Arrange a yearly meeting of the members of this group (Caucus of Academic Representatives)
  • Arrange a yearly workshop for department chairs and heads
  • Promote the statistics profession

The Caucus of Academic Representatives is intended to be inclusive of all academics with an interest in promoting statistics, biostatistics, or other areas that deal with the development of similar methodologies, even if a different name is used. The term statistics (with or without the specific inclusion of biostatistics) is meant to include all these categories.

Join the Caucus

To join the Caucus of Academic Representatives, please contact Ron Wasserstein.

2021–2022 Officers
Bo Li
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Past Chair:
Steve MacEachern,
The Ohio State University
Josée Dupuis
McGill University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
PhD Statistics Dept.:
Dennis Lin
Purdue University
PhD Biostatistics Dept.:
Jason Roy
Rutgers University
Other PhD:
Jeff Buzas
University of Vermont
Non-PhD Dept.:
Andrea Foulkes
Mount Holyoke College and Harvard University
Districts 1-3:
Tian Zheng
Columbia University
Districts 4-5:
Walter Ambrosius,
Wake Forest University
Districts 6:
Lisa Ganio
Oregon State University
Heather Bush
University of Kentucky