ASA Reissues Georgiou Statement on Mitsotakis’s One-Year Anniversary

To mark the first anniversary of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s time in office, the American Statistical Association is renewing its attention on the continuing persecution of Andreas Georgiou, former head of the Greek national statistics office. The slander civil appeal hearing scheduled for September—after the January 2020 hearing was postponed—and ongoing investigations mean the maltreatment of Georgiou by Greek officials will enter its 10th year.

“The continuing unjust prosecution of an upstanding and honest individual who worked with utmost integrity and competence to produce accurate economic statistical figures is troubling for Greece, official statistics, and beyond,” said ASA Executive Director Ron Wasserstein. “Accurate and objective official statistics are necessary to monitoring the economy and are an important condition for sustainable economic growth. Greece’s persecution of Georgiou undermines the country’s official statistics and reputation, as well as its economy, and disparages a loyal civil servant. His legal persecution should stop and he should be exonerated.”

The ASA reissues the December 2019 statement by its Board of Directors:

The American Statistical Association is proud to have as a member Andreas Georgiou, who was president of the Hellenic Statistical Authority from 2010–2015. Georgiou is a distinguished official statistician of high scientific integrity and capability who is committed to our profession and who abides by the ASA’s Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice. He is also a person of great character, honor, and honesty.

We are therefore troubled by Greece’s continued persecution of its former head statistician. Now in the ninth year, there are still open investigations and trials of Georgiou, a government professional who is loyal to his country.

Greece’s new government provides an opportunity to remedy the unjust official treatment of Georgiou. Ending the prosecutions, accusations, and legal proceedings and exonerating Georgiou would signal Greece’s commitment to accurate and ethical official statistics. This, in turn, could help foster foreign investment and overall confidence among Greece’s international partners, which helps Greece’s economy.

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