ASA Receives NSF Grant for Two-Year College Data Science Summit

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the ASA a $50,000 grant to conduct a symposium that will foster the establishment and growth of data science programs at two-year colleges. The symposium, tentatively scheduled for May 10–11, 2018, build on previous and concurrent efforts exploring the need and importance of data science curriculum at the undergraduate level.

As data science incorporates statistics, computer science, mathematics and engineering, two-year colleges may need to create new infrastructure to handle cross-departmental collaboration, career planning resources and course development. Additionally, there needs to be an understanding of the types of data science jobs that can be filled by students with two-year degrees for the benefit of the school, students and prospective employers.

Over the course of two days, administrators and educators from both two- and four-year colleges and universities, representatives from industry and members of relevant professional societies will collaborate to create a dialogue leading to the development of guidelines and resources for a two-year data science emphasis.

“Two-year colleges serve as a vital link in the nation’s post-secondary education system, whether preparing students to attend four-year degree programs or enter the workforce with an associate’s degree. As they continue to gain in popularity, a tremendous opportunity exists for them to help shape the future of data science by producing data-savvy and statistically-literate graduates,” said ASA President Barry D. Nussbaum.