Six Statistical Organizations Issue Commendation for Andreas Georgiou

The ASA and five other statistical organizations joined to commend Andreas Georgiou for upholding the highest professional standards in his public service in the pursuit of integrity of statistical systems.

During his presidency at the Greek Statistical Authority, ELSTAT, Georgiou committed himself to ensuring the production of all official statistics in Greece be undertaken in strict conformity with international and European statistical principles and standards. In particular, he insisted all statistics, and the processes that underpinned their production and dissemination, should conform to the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and European Statistics Code of Practice.

In doing so, Georgiou faced extraordinary obstacles and has been subjected to innumerable challenges and court proceedings. This commendation acknowledges his competency and strength in the face of adversity; his commitment to the production of high-quality and trustworthy official statistics; and his advocacy for the improvement, integrity, and independence of official statistics.

Georgiou with John Bailer. Credit: Twitter.

Figure 1: Georgiou with John Bailer. Credit: Twitter

International Statistical Institute President-elect John Bailer presented the commendation September 18 during a special meeting, titled “National Statistical Offices’ Professional Independence: Threats and Responses,” immediately prior to the XVI International Association of Official Statistics Conference in Paris.

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Editor’s Note: The material here was sourced from an International Statistical Institute press release.