2020 Census Quality Indicators:
April 29, 2021, Public Update

The researchers (Paul Biemer, Robert Fay, and Joseph Salvo) continue to receive 2020 Census quality-indicator data and are still in the early stages of examining it. The task force expects the researchers to receive quality-indicator data based on the Census Unedited File in the coming weeks, which will allow them more insight into the quality of the 2020 Census.

With the US Census Bureau’s release of the 2020 census population counts for apportionment, the task force members congratulated the bureau and their committed, talented staff for completing the census under extraordinary conditions; releasing initial census quality indicators in an easy-to-navigate format within hours of reporting the apportionment counts; and—in advance of these releases—having increased transparency to the public with blog posts on group quarters, administrative records, anomalies, quality, and other aspects of the 2020 Census. The task force also provided this statement:

The quality indicators that the Census Bureau has made available allow a comparison of operational measures between the 2020 and 2010 censuses. The comparisons can be analyzed at the state level. This can provide useful information. However, to fully understand the differences between 2010 and 2020, much more granular data are needed. Our task force recently received access to that more detailed data, but a proper assessment takes time. Our first quality indicators report, which is scheduled to come out in June, will provide that more extensive assessment. Until then, we have no comment on the quality of the apportionment counts.

Finally, with the resignations of Robert Santos, nominee for Census Bureau director, and Ken Prewitt, senior adviser to the director, from the task force two weeks ago, the task force members immediately stopped all 2020 Census quality indicator communications with both former members to maintain the task force’s independence.

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