Promoting Forensic Science Reform

Following the 2009 National Academies’ report Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward on the many scientific deficiencies in forensic science disciplines, the ASA has been active in urging forensic science reform. The following activities are informed by the Advisory Committee on Forensic Science:

ASA Board Policy Statement on Forensic Science Reform

ASA Issues Guidance on Statistical Statements for Forensic Evidence

Comments to the Department of Justice in response to its spring 2017 call for comments regarding forensic science

In response to a NIST request for information and under the leadership of the ASA Forensic Science Advisory Committee, the ASA provided comments to improve OSAC and its operations.

Letters to members of Congress about forensic science reform (search “forensic science”)

Meetings on Capitol Hill and with key government agencies

American Chemical Society and ASA congressional briefing, Forensics: Science Policies to Increase Confidence

Scientific Rigor for the Courtroom

Sessions on forensic science at the Joint Statistical Meetings and other meetings (contact authors before quoting from their presentations) ​

2011 JSM Presentations

2012 JSM Presentations

2013 AAAS Annual Conference

2013 JSM Presentations

2016 Session: Strengthening the Science in Forensic Science

ASA Community Blog Entries

Invited Amstat News Columns

The ASA is involved in forensic science reform because of ASA members who have served on National Academies’ (or NIST) forensic science panels: