Latest Books in ASA/CRC Press Series Feature Car Safety Statistics, Reading Between the Headlines

Backseat Driver: The Role of Data in Great Car Safety Debates
, by Norma Faris Hubele

Car safety advocates, manufacturers, and lawmakers in the United States have clashed over whether to make automobiles safer. All sides armed themselves with data in the hopes of winning the great car safety debates. In this way, crash statistics and the analysts who studied them made history. But data was always in the backseat, merely supporting different points of view. Automobile safety expert Norma Faris Hubele delivers a lively discussion about the role data plays in protecting you and your family on the road.

Statistics Behind the Headlines, by A. John Bailer and Rosemary Pennington
How do you learn about what’s going on in the world? Did a news headline grab your attention? Did a news story report on recent research? What do you need to know to be a critical consumer of the news you read? If you are looking to develop your data self-defense and critical news consumption skills, this book is for you. It reflects a long-term collaboration between a statistician and journalist to shed light on the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics. The only prerequisite for enjoying this book is an interest in developing the skills and insights for better understanding news stories that incorporate quantitative information.

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