November Issue Features Experimental Design,
Data Science Programs

Nicholas Horton, JSDSE Editor

The November issue of the open-access Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education leads with a set of three papers related to design of experiments. Byran J. Smucker, Nathaniel T. Stevens, Jacqueline Asscher, and Peter Goos bring together educators in “Profiles in the Teaching of Experimental Design and Analysis,”  while Victoria Woodard contributes “Five Hands-On Experiments for a Design of Experiments Course.”  The cluster also includes “Repurposing a Peer-Reviewed Publication to Engage Students in Statistics: An Illustration of Study Design, Data Collection, and Analysis” by Ciaran Evans, William Cipolli, Zakary A. Draper, and John-Tyler Binfet.

Mary Glantz, Jennifer Johnson, Marilyn Macy, Juan J. Nunez, Rachel Saidi, and Camilo Velez share “Students’ Experience and Perspective of a Data Science Program in a Two-Year College,”  while Nicole M. Dalzell and Ciaran Evans author “Increasing Student Access to and Readiness for Statistical Competitions.” 

A pair of technology papers—“Web-Based Applets for Facilitating Simulations and Generating Randomized Datasets for Teaching Statistics” by Yuanting Lu and “Teaching Experiential Data Analytics Using an Election Simulation”  by Bay Arinze—provide guidance for readers.

The issue also includes the following papers:

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