Papers Wanted for JASA Special Issue
on Statistical Science in AI

Editors of the Journal of the American Statistical Association are seeking papers for a special issue  dedicated to exploring the intersection of statistical theory, methods, and applications with core problems in artificial intelligence, popularly called AI. The issue aims to map the evolving landscape of innovative statistical research inspired and motivated by the rapid developments in AI and pioneer integrated statistical AI methods to advance scientific discovery and trustworthy AI.

Wanted are original research papers that address the following key aspects:

Special Issue Editors

Jianqing Fan
Xihong Lin (guest editor)
Susan Murphy (guest editor)
Annie Qu
Dylan Small

  • Identification of Core AI Problems: Papers should clearly outline a core problem in contemporary AI in which statistics can play a critical role. This could include, but is not limited to, issues related to modern AI-related study design, deep learning, reinforcement learning, representation learning, federated learning, transfer learning, generative AI algorithms, neural network, data quality and privacy, ethical considerations, interoperability, interpretability, and scalability.

  • Statistical Contributions to AI: The focus should be on how statistical theories and methodologies can offer unique insights into or solutions to the identified AI problems and empower AI methods and tools to advance real-world science. Contributions should be grounded in statistical rigor and demonstrate a clear link to addressing the AI challenges and their practical applications.

  • Innovative Statistical AI Theory, Method, and Applications: Each submission should not only highlight the intersection of statistics and AI but also propose specific contributions to statistical theory, methodology, and application within the chosen area. This could include new statistical models, inventive analysis methods, novel approaches to existing statistical techniques, or innovative data analysis and statistical AI applications aimed at addressing real-world problems AI endeavors to solve.

Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts must be original and not under review by other journals.
  • Submissions should follow the journal’s formatting and submission guidelines.
  • Authors should click on “Special Issue on Statistics in AI” in the type of manuscript category for submission.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted by December 31.

Questions can be emailed to Annie Qu.