Annie T. Randall Innovator Award

Most Recent Winner

Felicia Simpson

Winston-Salem State University

About the Award

The Annie T. Randall Innovator Award was established to recognize early-career statistical innovators across all job sectors and with any level of educational attainment. The award was named in honor of pathbreaking Annie T. Randall for her trailblazing career in government amid pervasive racial discrimination. Randall, a black woman, has a powerful story and legacy in statistics that are an inspiration to future generations of trailblazers. Established in 2020 by the Biometrics Section, the award provides a $2,000 prize each year.

Selection Criteria

Winners are selected by the Annie T. Randall Innovator Award Committee. To be eligible for the award, candidates should be in the early phase of their professional statistical careers. While no more than 10 years into their career is a guideline, career interruptions and transitions would not be included in this count. The committee appreciates that nontraditional paths are common for trailblazers, and thus there is no firm cutoff for the definition of early phase. There are also no degree requirements for this award.

A personal statement or nomination letter should discuss how the candidate has pushed boundaries in statistics toward the betterment of the field and society, as well as how they embody Annie T. Randall’s tenacious and resolute commitment to excellence. How the candidate meets the broad definition of early career described above should also be addressed in the personal statement or nomination letter.

Award Recipient Responsibilities

The award recipient is responsible for providing a current photograph and general personal information the year the award is presented. The American Statistical Association uses this information to publicize the award and prepare the check and certificate.


Self-nomination or nomination by someone other than the candidate is welcome. Individuals from underrepresented and historically excluded groups in statistics are encouraged to apply.

Submissions are due by March 15 each year and should include the following:

  • Candidate résumé or CV
  • Candidate personal statement or nomination letter (1–2 pages)

These materials should be sent to award committee chair, Sherri Rose.


Please contact award committee chair, Sherri Rose.

Recent Award Recipients

2022: Adji Bousso Dieng
2021: Loni Tabb