ASA Mentoring Award

Most Recent Winners

David Morganstein 

David Morganstein


Nandita Mitra 

Nandita Mitra

University of Pennsylvania

About the Award

The ASA Mentoring Award is given each year to a member who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in developing the careers of statistics students, statisticians, or statistical researchers early in their careers. The award honors those people recognized by their colleagues for their sustained efforts over a long period supporting the work and developing the careers of statisticians.

Selection Criteria

Outstanding mentorship over a long period. Nominees must be ASA members.

Award Recipient Responsibilities

The award recipient is responsible for providing a current photograph and general personal information the year the award is presented. The American Statistical Association uses this information to publicize the award and prepare the check and certificate.


Nominations are due by March 1 and require the following:

  • Nominating letter - not to exceed two pages
  • Additional supporting letters are welcome - not to exceed two pages each
  • Candidate’s headshot


Please contact the committee chair.

Previous Winners
2021: Wayne Fuller and Linda Young
Barry Graubard
Steven J. Schwager
2018: Michael H. Kutner
2017: J. Stuart Hunter
2016: Fritz J. Scheuren and Douglas A. Zahn