Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship

Most Recent Winners

Ellen S. Graham

Ellen S. Graham

University of Washington 

Ann Marie K. Weideman

Ann Marie K. Weideman

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Honorable Mention

Biyonka Liang

Biyonka Liang

Harvard University

Fatema Shafie Khorassani

Fatema Shafie Khorassani

University of Michigan 

About the Scholarship

The Cox Scholarship, sponsored by the ASA Committee on Women in Statistics and Caucus for Women in Statistics, was established in 1989 to encourage more women to enter statistically oriented professions.

Two scholarship recipients are selected each year: one to a woman in or entering the early stages of graduate training (MS or PhD) and one to a woman in a more advanced stage of training. Scholarship recipients receive a certificate and $1,000.

The committee also selects honorable mentions each year. Honorable mentions receive a certificate.

Selection Criteria

Application is limited to women who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada and who are admitted to full-time study in a graduate statistics program by July 1 of the award year. Women in or entering the early stages of graduate training (MS or PhD) are especially encouraged to apply.


Applications are due by February 23 and require the following:

  • Candidate's CV
  • Personal essay (minimum length one page, double-spaced)
  • Three reference letters - not to exceed two pages each and saved as a .pdf file - are to be uploaded by the writer using this link. Instruct the reference writers to include the candidate's last name in the file name.
  • All academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts acceptable)
  • Candidate’s headshot


Please contact the committee chair.

Recent Scholarship Recipients

2021: Elizabeth Chase
2021: Anni Hong
2020: Holly Hartman
Mikaela Meyer
Maria Jahja
2019: Claire Kelling
2018: Trang Quynh Nguyen
2018: Kelsey Erin Grinde
2017: Julia Wrobel
2017: Michelle Pistner
2016: Claire McKay Bowen
2016: Robin Marie Dunn
2015: Sara Ann Stoudt
2015: Elizabeth Sweeney
2014: Samantha J. Taylor
2014: Laura B. Balzer
2013: Jessica Hwang
2013: Gina-Maria Pomann
2013: Daisy Phillips

Honorable Mentions

2021: Elle Butler Basner
2021: Natalie Gasca
2021: Taylor Mahoney
2020: Alexandria Jensen
Emily Hector
2019: Sierra Merkes
2019: Sarah Ryan
2018: Olivia Marie Angiuli
2018: Elizabeth C. Lorenzi
2018: Kayla Frisoli
2018: Shannon K. Gallagher
2018: Amanda S. Luby
2017: Gilia Patterson
2016: Jessica Lynn Gronsbell
2016: Kelly Renee Moran
2015: Meridith L. Bartley
2015: Kaitlyn Cook
2015: Jami Nishelle Jackson
2014: Amanda Mejia
2014: Shannon Gallagher
2014: Vivian Meng-Wang
2013: Anu Mishra
2013: Natalie Exner