Gottfried E. Noether Awards

Most Recent Winners

Noether Distinguished Scholar Award

Tony Cai

Tony Cai

University of Pennsylvania

Noether Early Career Scholar Award

Chao Gao

Chao Gao

The University of Chicago

Weijie Su

Weijie Su

University of Pennsylvania

About the Awards

The Noether awards were established in 1999 as a tribute to Gottfried Emanuel Noether, a leading scholar in nonparametric statistics with interests in research and teaching. Noether’s wife, Emiliana Noether, and daughter, Monica Noether, presented the American Statistical Association with an endowment fund to recognize distinguished researchers and teachers and to support research in the field of nonparametric statistics.

The Noether Distinguished Scholar Award is given each year to a distinguished senior researcher/teacher in nonparametric statistics, who delivers an invited lecture at the Joint Statistical Meetings the year they are selected. In addition, the honoree is presented $5,000.

The Noether Early Career Scholar Award is given each year to an accomplished young researcher. This award is made to foster, encourage, and support both research and teaching in nonparametric statistics. The honoree is presented with $2,500 the year they are selected and delivers a lecture at the Joint Statistical Meetings the year of their award.

Selection Criteria

The Noether Award Committee selects the Noether Distinguished Scholar based on outstanding contributions to the theory, methodology, and/or novel applications to nonparametric statistics—interpreted broadly—that have had substantial, sustained impact on the subject, its practical applications, and its pedagogy.

The Noether Early Career Scholar is selected based on significant accomplishments in nonparametric statistics, interpreted broadly to include theory, methodology, and outstanding applications. Eligibility for this award is for those who obtained their PhD degree or an equivalent degree in the past eight years.


The Noether Distinguished Scholar Award and the Noether Early Career Scholar Award are presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings. Both honorees deliver invited lectures at the Joint Statistical Meetings during the year of their awards.

Nominations for both awards are due by January 15 and require the following:

  • Nominating letter
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Three letters of support – not to exceed two pages each
  • Candidate’s short bio
  • Candidate’s headshot

Note: for multi-authored publications, letters involving the Noether Early Career Scholar Award should indicate the independent contributions made by the nominee


Please contact the committee chair.

Recent Award Recipients

Noether Distinguished Scholar

2022: Marc Hallin
2021: Regina Liu
2020: Art Owen
Michael R. Kosorok
2018: Jianqing Fan
2017: Hans-Georg Müeller

Past Recipients

Noether Early Career Scholar

2022: Yen-Chi Chen
2021: Anru Zhang
 Tracey Ke
Matthew Reimherr
2018: Anirban Bhattacharya
2017: Eric B. Laber

Past Recipients