Lingzi Lu Memorial Award

Most Recent Winner

Lydia Suzanne Gibson

Lydia Suzanne Gibson

About the Award

In 2013, the American Statistical Association in partnership with the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) created the Lingzi Lu Memorial Award in remembrance of Lingzi Lu. The first-year student in the statistics master’s program at Boston University lost her life in the bombing at the Boston Marathon in April of that year. She was an ambitious, talented, and vibrant student, who looked forward to a career as a master’s-level statistician. Through this award, the ASA and ICSA support the studies of similarly dedicated people who are in master’s programs in statistics or who have recently earned their master’s degree in statistics. The award provides up to $1,300 for registration and travel support to the ASA Conference on Statistical Practice, which takes place every February.

Selection Criteria

Award recipients are selected by a committee jointly appointed by the ASA and ICSA. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a master’s degree program in statistics or biostatistics or have completed a master’s degree in statistics or biostatistics no more than two years prior to the time of application.


Applications are due by October 15 and require the following:

  • Personal essay (maximum of 500 words)
  • Two reference letters – not to exceed two pages each (academic references are preferred)
  • All academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts acceptable)
  • Candidate’s headshot


Please contact the committee chair.

Recent Award Recipients

2022: Shan Wu
2021: Shushu Zhang
2020: Kristina Boyd
Michelle Livings
2018: Lingyun Lyu
2017: Jinyuan Liu

Past Recipients
Founding Contributors

Ivan S.F. Chan
Ming-Hui Chen
David and Miki Donoho
Xuming He
Shelley Hurwitz
Eric D. Kolaczyk and Josée Dupuis
Ying Lu
Luke Miratrix
Sally C. Morton and Kurt P. Kearcher
Art Owen
Bob and Sandra Rodriguez
Sally and Terry Speed
Maura E. Stokes
Ron and Sherry Wasserstein
Jun Yan
Yuhong Yang and Zhaohui Wu
Bin Yu
Christian Statisticians
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment, and the Arts
Johnson & Johnson

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