Student Paper Competitions

The winners of best paper competitions earn travel awards to ASA-sponsored conferences. The following general policies and procedures apply to all ASA section competitions (see individual sections below for further applicable instructions):

  • Sections must receive all materials by December 15. Some sections have earlier deadlines, so check each section’s website for dates.
  • Winners will be notified by January 15.
  • Competition winners must submit abstracts and register for JSM through the official JSM abstract submission system by the deadline.
  • Students may submit papers to no more than two sections and may accept only one section’s award. Students must inform both sections applied to when he or she wins and accepts an award, thereby removing the student from the award competition for the second section.
  • Students planning to participate in section competitions must adhere to the eligibility, paper format, submission process, and other requirements of the sections to which they are applying.

Specific instructions for each section:

Bayesian Statistical Science
Business and Economic Statistics
Genomics and Genetics
Government Statistics
Health Policy Statistics
Lifetime Data Science Section
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Mental Health Statistics
Physical and Engineering Sciences (co-sponsored by Quality and Productivity)
Risk Analysis
Social Statistics
Statistical Computing
Statistical Graphics
Statistical Learning and Data Science
Statistics and the Environment
Statistics in Defense and National Security
Statistics in Epidemiology 
Statistics in Imaging
Survey Research Methods (award is co-sponsored by GSS, SSS, and SRMS. Award info is on the GSS site)