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The ASA is turning 180 years old in November!

To celebrate, we are designating November 22, 2019, ASA Day. Here’s what to look out for during the ASA’s birthday month:

Did You Know?
Facts about the ASA and its history.

I Can’t. I’m Striking a Pose.
Answer our quizzes correctly and an ASA T-shirt could be in your future.

Haiku Who? Haiku You!
Write a haiku about the ASA’s history or one that predicts the future of statistics. Once again, there might be a T-shirt in it for you …

Hello. It’s Us.
A video message from the ASA Leadership.

I’m Kind of a Big Deal.
An exclusive discount on ASA membership for new members.

Rules and Procedures for ASA Day Quizzes

  • One quiz question will be sent out via email, Facebook, and Twitter on November 1, 8, and 15.
  • To answer:
    • Comment on the Facebook post
    • Use #happybirthdayASA in your answer on Twitter
    • Send your answer to the email address mentioned in the email
  • For each correct answer, participants will be entered into a prize drawing.
  • There will be three winners, one for each quiz. You may only win once.
  • You must be an ASA member to win.
  • Winners will be announced on ASA Day via email and social media.

Rules and Procedures for the Haiku Challenge

  • The haiku challenge will run November 4–21.
  • Any ASA member may participate by writing a haiku about the history of the ASA or predicting the future of statistics.
  • There will be three winners: one student winner and two non-student winners.
  • Winners will be announced in December.
  • The winning haiku’s will be featured in the January issue of Amstat News.
  • Read the haiku rubric
  • Submit a haiku

Use #happybirthdayASA to wish the ASA a happy birthday!

Fun Facts

Fun Facts from the ASA’s History

In 1984, the ASA Archives and Historical Materials Committee was formed and chaired by Churchill Eisenhart. Other members were H. A. David, Margo Anderson, and Meyer Fishbein, with Stanley Yates of the Iowa State University Library as an ex officio member and Fred C. Leone as a consultant.

The first section established by the ASA was the Biometrics Section, which focused on the application of statistics within the biological sciences. The second section established was the Section on Statistical Education (now the Section on Statistics and Data Science Education), with the goal to improve academic statistical education.

Statistician Elizabeth L. Scott produced empirical evidence that women weren’t being allowed to use the world’s biggest telescopes in their own names, and then used the big telescopes story and statistical analyses of gender data to raise consciousness and promote equal opportunities for women in statistics, science, and academe. This year, the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies, of which the ASA is a part, established the Elizabeth L. Scott Lecture. The first lecture will be given at the Joint Statistical Meetings in 2020.

The first ASA annual meeting outside Boston took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1908.


Help Us Celebrate Our 180th Birthday by Joining the ASA!

The American Statistical Association invites you to be part of the larger ASA community throughout the year. Of course, you will gain access to a wide variety of benefits—publications, networking, professional services, professional development—but just as important is the community that comes with it! Membership includes admission to our vast network, including the possibility of new relationships with your colleagues and, by extension, their knowledge and expertise. You will also have access to the following:

We are offering $50 off your first-year regular member dues when you join in the month of November! Visit, and be sure to use the promotion code Happy180ASA to receive your discounted first-year membership. If you prefer, contact our Member Services Department at 1 (888) 231-3473 for help!


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