Special Issue: Statistical Inference in the 21st Century:
A World Beyond P<0.05

The American Statistician’s editorial team is inviting papers for a special issue of the journal focused on topics related to statistical inference.

The inspiration for the special issue is the ASA’s Symposium on Statistical Inference, which followed up on the ASA’s Statement on P-Values and Statistical Significance. The statement called for moving statistical analysis and evidence-based decision-making beyond “bright line rules” toward a “post p < 0.05 era.”

The expectation is that this special issue will lead to a major rethinking of statistical inference, aiming to initiate a process that ultimately moves statistical science—and science itself—into a new age.

The American Statistician

Anyone may submit a manuscript; this call is not only for those who attended or presented at the Symposium on Statistical Inference. Submitted papers are due by February 15, 2018.

The special issue will be published online by late July 2018 and remain open access permanently, making it readily accessible to a broad research community and users of statistics.

To submit a paper, read the detailed submission instructions on the journal’s announcement page.