Iowa State Stats Professor Elected to National Academy of Medicine

Alicia Carriquiry, a distinguished professor of statistics at Iowa State University, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine—one of 70 new members selected for the coveted appointment.

In her 26-year career, Carriquiry’s work has advanced the understanding of nutrition and dietary assessment. Specifically, she has developed statistical models to better measure food consumption, particularly nutrient intake, and her focus on mental health has helped the academy better evaluate mental health services for military veterans.

“I’m so honored, flattered, and humbled. It’s very rewarding,” said Carriquiry in an Iowa State University news statement. “In life, you have successes and failures, and to receive recognition like this makes you realize that all the hard work throughout your career was worth it.”

Alicia Carriquiry, a distinguished professor of statistics at Iowa State University

Carriquiry’s areas of expertise are linear models, Bayesian statistics, and general methods. At Iowa State, she also leads the National Institute of Standards and Technology Forensic Science Center of Excellence.

Carriquiry earned her PhD from Iowa State University in 1989, master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1985; and bachelor’s degree from the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay in 1981. A fellow of the ASA and Institute of Mathematical Statistics, she has been an ASA member since 1992 and currently sits on the Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Medal Committee. She served as chair of the Bayesian Statistical Science Section in 2013, vice president on the ASA Board of Directors from 2007–2009, and president of the ASA’s Iowa Chapter from 1996–1997.