Support of Federal Statistical System

The ASA actively supports the federal statistical agencies through work with other stakeholders, the ASA Board, and others. This work includes Count on Stats, a public relations campaign launched in January 2018 “to advance the federal statistical system and awareness of its far-reaching benefits to our government, economy, and society.”

Autonomy and Budgets

Letters organized, signed, and/or sent

Tracking the Heads of the Federal Statistical Agencies

Tracking the budgets of the federal statistical agencies:

Raising the Profile of Federal Statistical Agencies

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Data to Help Our Economy, Workforce, and Families Thrive, one-pager on importance of BLS data.

National Center for Education Statistics: Data to Help Our Schools, Students, and Families Thrive, one-pager on importance of NCES data.

Cosponsorship of congressional briefings relevant to federal statistics

Meetings with congressional staff

American Community Survey one-pager

Celebration of World Statistics Day

ASA Board of Director’s Actions

ASA Board of Directors Statement of Concern for the USDA Economic Research Service and on the Vital and Unique Role of Federal Statistical Agencies

ASA Board Decries Second Annulment of Former Greece Chief Statistician’s Acquittal

ASA Board issues Statement Regarding Decision to Add Citizenship Question to Decennial Census

ASA endorses United States Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking final report: The Promise of Evidence-Based Policymaking

ASA Endorses Sixth Edition of Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

ASA endorses 4th Edition of Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

Meetings with the Interagency Council of Statistical Policy regarding workforce pipeline and other issues

ASA endorses 5th Edition of Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

ASA Board endorses National Center for Education Statistics recommendations in AERA Report and Recommendations for Reauthorization of Institute of Education Sciences


Interviews with federal statistical agencies heads: See the hyperlinked names in Table 1 of the agency leadership blog post.

Why Would USDA Shoot Itself in the Foot?

Census-FNS-ERS Partnership Delivers Unique Products by Leveraging Data

NCHS Director Addresses Challenges for Federal Statistical Agencies

Big Data: A Perspective from the BLS

Toward a Vision: Official Statistics and Big Data

The State of Web Mapping at the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Wanted! Statisticians in the Federal Statistical System

How I Spent My Year at the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data Synchronization: Leveraging Existing Business Data to Better Measure the Economy

Restructuring Research at the Census Bureau

Challenges Facing Federal Statistics in the United States (PDF download)

In Dire Straits: The Urgent Need to Improve Economic Statistics (PDF download)

On Planning for the 2020 Census (PDF download)

Saying Goodbye to SOI (PDF download)

Agency IT Centralization and Ramifications for Statistical Agencies (PDF download)

Other Links

National Academies’ Committee on National on Statistics

Office of Management and Budget’s Statistical Programs and Standards

America by the Numbers

NASS’s “Safeguarding America’s Agricultural Statistics” (video)

Improving the Federal Statistical System: Report of the Joint Ad Hoc Committee on Government Statistics

Improving the Federal Statistical System: Report of the President’s Reorganization Project for the Federal Statistical System

Recent Efforts to Maximize Benefits from the Statistics of Income Advisory Panel (PDF download)