ASA Fellows

The designation of ASA Fellow has been a significant honor for nearly 100 years. Under ASA bylaws, the Committee on Fellows can elect up to one-third of one percent of the total association membership as fellows each year.

To be selected, nominees must have an established reputation and have made outstanding contributions to statistical science. The Committee on Fellows evaluates each candidate’s contributions to the advancement of statistical science and places due weight on the following:

  • Published works
  • Position held with employer
  • ASA activities
  • Membership and accomplishments in other societies
  • Professional activities


To be eligible for nomination, a person must be a current member of the ASA who has held continuous membership from March 1, 2018, to February 29, 2021.

Nominations may be submitted online each year from October 1 through March 1.

Anyone may nominate an ASA member for fellow, but nominators may only directly participate in two candidates’ nominations per year. Direct participation includes serving as nominator or writing a letter of support.

Nominators should begin the nomination process as early as possible. Begin by filling out the basic information in the first two sections and then review the entire form to see what further information is needed.